Nation Media & Mwangale Nation Media & Mwangale en Copyright 2023 Nation Media & All Rights Reserved. Canon partners with Redington to expand distribution network in Kenya Canon Central and North Africa (CCNA) today announced its business partnership with Redington as a new authorized distributor in Kenya.

This crucial partnership is in line with Canon’s vision of expanding its distribution network in Africa to meet the rapidly evolving demands of a growing market. Redington's robust distribution network provides a solid framework for Canon to establish a more customer-centric approach and enhance coverage, thus facilitating wider accessibility of company’s B2B portfolio of printers, copiers, scanners large format printers and solution to diverse sectors across Kenya.

 This collaboration will further strengthen the reach of Canon’s printing ecosystem's resilience and robustness, thereby contributing to its overall growth and development.

 “In our organization, we place a high value on cultivating strong partnerships, and our collaboration with Redington, represents a significant milestone in our efforts to further expand our reach for the wide range of printing & copying offerings and fulfil the printing and scanning technology requirements across Kenya to match global standards. Canon is also dedicated to improving the understanding & value of its products and solutions among all partners through continued training & business development activities. By partnering with Redington, we have furthered our in-country stocking & distribution presence in Kenya to create a more sustainable footprint, said Eiji Ota, B2B BU Director, Canon Central and North Africa.

Established in 1993, Redington evolved from one brand, one product, and one market into a multi-billion-dollar distributor, serving 38 emerging markets and over 290 international brands. Redington provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for all categories of information technology, telecommunication, digital, and lifestyle products.

 It aims to offer a robust technology-powered platform that enables a seamless flow of services. Redington is one of the biggest distributors in Kenya and has an impressive database of 2nd tier partners, including print shops that provide printing services to customers.


In this partnership, Canon is offering to the channel partners, advanced large-format printers, including the TM, TX, and TZ series, that can cover all customer’s demand from reproducing sharp text and precise lines to vivid and precise colour by 5 to 12 colour ink system.

 The Canon B2B product portfolio also encompasses the entire range of entry to high end, B&W & Colour copiers, equipped with document security and Uniflow solutions that enable users to print from any device, anywhere.

Furthermore, this partnershipprovides channel partners a wide range of Canon scanner products, including back log scanning and digitization solutions such as Scan2X and Therefore,which streamline scanning and storage workflow by automatically applying appropriate settings, recognizing key data, and transferring it to the correct location.

This advanced technology simplifies scanning and digitization for customers. 

“We are pleased to announce Redington's strategic distribution partnership with Canon in Kenya, a collaboration that combines the strength of Canon's cutting-edge imaging solutions with Redington's robust capabilities to bring latest tech to markets. This synergistic collaboration will help transform the way Kenyans document and celebrate their world, paving the way for a wealth of creative opportunities and exceptional customer journeys says, Jeetendra Berry, President - IT Volume Distribution, Middle East, and Africa.

With an increased distribution network, Canonwill be able to fortify its connection with Kenyan industries and equip the country and the remote workforce with the right tools,which will multiply business competitiveness and growth across Kenya.

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George Wachiuri's Rise to Success: A Story of Hard Work, Perseverance, and Philanthropy Sir George Wachiuri is the founder and CEO of Optiven, which is one of the thriving Real Estate Companies. 

In a heroic book titled Soaring like an Eagle, a production of GW Publishers and now available on Amazon, he shares his rags-to-riches story. 

The touching tale steers clear on his humble birth and beginnings. He shares how he rose above the cruel clouds of poverty in Laburra Village — a pale place — sandwiched between Mt. Kenya and Abardares Ranges in Nyeri County.

He writes about how the mother brought him up when the grim reaper came at the crack of sunrise, and left him sad by plucking his dad from the glamourous garden of life. 

Again, we read about his education at Chinga High School and University of Nairobi (School of Business). 

George Wachiuri - C.E.O. - Optiven Limited | LinkedIn

He apprises us on how he started doing business after high school, and honed the mercantile skills while building his ken of knowledge in the university. 

Then, we learn about how he met and tied the knot with Mary — the love of his life and a university sweetheart. Upon graduation, he secured employment that brought better lifestyle. 

Then, he began building and colouring the nation at Uchumi Supermarket, Lutheran World Federation and World Vision. World Vision and United Nations for Children Fund 

In an unfortunate twist of fate, when Sir George Wachiuri was still young, a puff udder bit him. This tropical Africa’s deadliest vipers sank its ferocious fangs into his thin skin. The poison was sucked from his body at the then Nyeri District Hospital. This had to happen expeditiously to save him from premature death. As they say, misfortunes never come singly; again, a rowdy rooster attacked him badly. 

Through it all, the most painful and pensive experience was the death of his dad in 1978. It turned out that death of the man who sired him was not natural, but it was the hand of a hostile human being. Due to business rivalry, his business partners poisoned him in Mweiga Town. The man died at 40. 

Sadly, after the departure of dad, mom had to shoulder all the parental roles. It was a hellish experience, for they struggled to make ends meet. Affording the three square meals became dreary and difficult: Only comparable to asking for blood donation from a mosquito. Or pressing a stone to produce water. Somehow, pinch of poverty caused pangs of pain. 

Wonderfully, Sir George Wachiuri started to trace his true north by exploring the spiritual sphere of life. Just as Dr. Luke writes about Jesus of Nazareth, in Luke 2:52, George also grew in stature and wisdom and in favour with God and men. 

Again, just as Samuel was close to Eli, George was close to the clever cleric at the Catholic Church. In fact, he nearly walked down the pious path of priesthood. 

Still on the mysterious and miraculous dimension of life, he was fond of visiting River Honi. On that sacrosanct spot, he enjoyed spiritual silence and solitude. In that place of perfect and pristine peace, He prayed and established close camaraderie with God who lavishes His people with grace and goodness. When he matriculated into the University of Nairobi (School of Business), he gave his life to the Sinless Savior ― Christ — who cancels mistakes and misdeeds made by men.

Wistfully, he remembers, how he sat for KCPE twice due to poor performance in the first attempt that brought contempt. Eventually, he attained marvellous marks that made him secure the coveted chance at Chinga High School in Nyeri County. He passed KCSE with flying colours and matriculated into the University of Nairobi (School of Business): to pursue his passion — Business Administration.

Interestingly, as a Form Four leaver, he chose not to bask in idleness and indolence in the chest of the village as some lazy lads and crazy lasses do. Instead, he decided to begin to win in business. His success in business started when he traded in onions. He made money. He thrived because as he made more moolah, he shared it with Mama and God through tithe.

Consequently, Sir George met Madam Mary in the university, where they were members of the Christian Union. 

Although, I was not there as they exchanged nuptial vows, as scribe I can describe it: they said I do because they felt they were done. In the distant past, in the seminal novel titled A Man of the People, Chinua Achebe, the father of African prose rose and said: I fall for you, you fall for me, and we call it a game.  

In addition, Sir George Wachiuri thrived in business while studying at the University of Nairobi (School of Business). WAMU Holdings was the first company he started as a diligent student. 

He made money with a small Yashika camera. He also started WAMU Laundry Services. Buni Laundry Services was an existing venture in town, but since they wanted a link in the university, Sir George Wachiuri decided to meet that demand and the rest became history.

Therefore, he gathered clothes from students. Buni, thus, became WAMU in the university. Selling magazines to comrades became his third business. He thrived to an extent that the Vice Chancellor conferred on him the honourable and inspiring title of the university’s most entrepreneurial student. 

Moreover, he secured a job at the defunct Uchumi Supermarket as an accountant. As a form of moonlighting, he started a company called Beauty Pool Investments, where he bought raw materials and made shampoo. He in turn supplied beauty shops and saloons at Ngara. He also served with an NGO called Lutheran World Federation as Logistics and Procurement Supervisor Kakuma Refugees Camp. When he resigned at World Vision (Somalia), he collapsed a company called Dalex and focused on Optiven Limited — a Real Estate venture. 

He has a riveting rehash: Quitting formal employment to build a business empire is a decision he will never forget about. He cannot regret about it. For that route has made him meet and greet business highflyers like his mentors such as Dr. Manu Chandaria and Vimal Shah. Their maiden office for Optiven Limited was at Nduruma Road down town, later Gilfillan Kenyatta Avenue Nairobi. Later, Mary convinced George that they move to the Barclays Plaza in the heart of Nairobi Town. When they moved to trendiest town, they have never thought small anymore. 

Heretofore, they chose to go mega on every matter. When they sought land to develop, they went for big one. 

Likewise, when they thought of securing loans for investment, they went for colossal amount   to do big projects. Although, at some point times became tough. The business was no longer a going concern. They found themselves wallowing in the discouraging zone of doldrums. This prompted Sir George Wachiuri to get back to formal employment. He applied and secured employment by Daystar University as a part-time lecturer.

Meanwhile, the wife was still piecing together the puzzles at Optiven Limited. They chose not to cry, but try. As perpetual optimists, they believed they could build back better. For Dr. John C. Maxwell writes in his heroic book titled Failing Forward that three steps forward, and two steps backward, is equal to one-step forward. Successful people behave like the soccer ball. When they hit the wall, they bounce back. 

Therefore, through fortunate twist of fate, Optiven Limited turned all scars to stars, and obstacles to miracles. Lending credence to the wise words of Henry Ford, “Obstacles are those frightful things we see when we keep our eyes from our goals.” A company that could only employ husband and wife now offers employment to over 500 people and over 1000 casuals. 

Through altruistic and philanthropic programmes, they are also a source of hope and help to plenty of people. As they grow and glow, they no longer struggle and grapple to meet bills like rent. They now distribute wealth through Optiven Foundation and are among top 100 biggest taxpayers in Kenya. They also own Optiven Global Centre in the high-end Karen Estate in Nairobi. The vision bearers of Optiven Limited — George is living a modest life but still very humble and reachable. He does mentorship to thousands of people through George Wachiuri School of Mentorship. He is also an author of two more books that obey wise words of Benjamin Franklin, “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.” 

The reviewer is an avid reader, author and public speaker. 0704420232

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Thika church leaders urge Raila to stop Monday demos The clergymen under the Covenant Clergy Alliance in Thika have urged former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to halt Monday demonstrations and promote peace.

The former Prime Minister on Monday will lead other opposition leaders and a legion of supporters to the city's central business district to castigate the government over the high cost of living.

The clergymen under the Covenant Clergy Alliance in Thika have urged former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to halt Monday demonstrations and promote peace.

The former Prime Minister on Monday will lead other opposition leaders and a legion of supporters to the city's central business district to castigate the government over the high cost of living.

The clergy team believes the demonstrations might evolve into running battles with law enforcement who have severally warned against disruption of businesses.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, the team led by Bishop David Ngari alias Gakuyo said that the church will not allow Raila Odinga and his allies to destabilize peace across the Country.

Gakuyo said that the church will play its oversight and won’t watch as the Country goes back to 2007-2008 post-election violence.

He noted that Raila should use the right channel and reach out to the head of state William Ruto and iron out any issues affecting Kenyans.

“Raila Odinga should not incite Kenyans against each other as this will automatically lead to bloodshed, HE (Raila) should use alternative means,” Gakuyo said.

Gakuyo noted that Kenyans aren’t ready to go against a legally constituted government.

The Church pleaded with Kenyans to maintain peace and support President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua.

The group said rallies in CBDs are likely to lead to destruction or loss of business in urban areas.

Political analyst-cum-columnist with Star Albert Kasembeli has said Raila might be plotting to push the Kenya Kwanza administration to the corner.

He said that just as former president Uhuru Kenyatta reached out to Raila; Ruto should not be exceptional for the sake of the Country.

“The peace of the Country is very important and both Raila and William Ruto should dialogue and seek solution ahead of Monday's demonstrations," he said.

Kasembeli further cited recent demonstrations in Kisumu where a rowdy crowd destabilized a meeting organized by the communication Authority of Kenya.

Nairobi ODM chairman George Aladwa confirmed to the media they will converge at Jevanjee Gardens from 9am urging supporters to throng the venue for the crucial event that will end by mid-day.

President William Ruto has warned opposition leader Raila Odinga against holding unlawful protests that will destroy lives and property or paralyse business operations in the country.

Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has also sent a stern warning that any unlawful activity would be met with the full force of the law.

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Optiven Issues Title Deeds To Over 500 Investors Mon, 13 Mar 2023 17:36:38 +0300 Mwangale